Fittapaldi & Unser 1989 Indy 500

The closing laps of the 89 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

Indy 500 Crashes from the 70's

Crashes in the Indy 500 in the 70s.

1978 Rex Mays Classic Milwaukee 150

Awesome vintage Indy Car classic from the Milwaukee mile

1978 Trenton 200

ABC 1978 Trenton 200

1978 Texas World Speedway

Awesome vintage footage

1984 Michigan 500

Incredible Gary Bettenhausen crash!

1985 Cart Indy Car safety

Indy Car Safety 1985

1984 Michigan 500

Unser Jr.& Ganassi violent crash

1984 Michigan 500 closing laps

Pancho Carter incredible flip

1974 Phoenix 150

Great vintage footage

1970 Phoenix 150

Great vintage footage

1969 Milwaukee Mile footage

Great footage....sorry for the music!

1982 Milwaukee Mile 150

Early ESPN footage...Check out Bob Jenkins...what a comedy!!

Dick Simon Riverside crash

Dicked again...WOW!!

Clay Regazzoni 1977 crash Indianapolis 500

I am not sure what the announcers are saying, I believe what they are saying is that Clay f&@ked up

Swede Savage crash 1973 Indianapolis 500

My childhood hero...It is part of speedway history!

Salt Walther crash 1973 ndianapolis 500

Incredible front straight crash

Tom Sneva crash 1975 Indianapolis 500

Tom Sneva pin wheels into the turn two fence and gives the spectators in the turn two suites an unbelievable show!

Danny Ongais crash 1982 Indianapolis 500

Danny destroys the BATMOBILE!!

Hornish & Andretti Indy 2006

How did Marco loss this thing?! Don't these announcers feel stupid....MARCO'S GOING TO WIN THIS THING?! Andretti curse!!!

Mears & Andretti 1991 Indianapolis 500

Mario causes a very convenient yellow for Michael, but he still cannot get around "The Rocket"!!

Kevin Cogan 1989 crash Indianapolis 500

Unbeleivable crash...and he wlked away!

1955 Indianapolis 500

Radio broadcast...this is great!!

Indianapolis 500 Tribute

This is very cool!

1911 Indianapolis 500 vintage footage

Ray Harroun-The man who started it all off!

1911 Ray harroun Marmon Wasp 3D

This is a really cool clip!